The Frankfort Youth Athletic Association was established in 2004 with the following objective: "To promote and install self-confidence, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, physical and mental development while learning the techniques of football and cheerlea

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The Gabby Adamo Blue Angel Award will be awarded to one varsity 8th grade cheerleader from Black, Blue and White team as selected by the Cheer Director and the two varsity coaching staffs.  The Gabby Adamo Blue Angel Award recipients are to be selected taking into account the following criteria: Leadership, School Achievement, Community Involvement, Attitude, Personal Conduct on and off the field, Sportsmanship, and Healthy Lifestyle.  Further, the Gabby Adamo Blue Angel Award recipients will not be eligible to receive team MVP awards

Gabby Adamo Blue Angel Award Winners
2021 Madison Kohler
2020 no season no season  
2019 Allie Collins
Francesca Totosz
2018 Grace Kingsbury
Marisa Mangin
2017 Sophia Barnard
2016 Sarah Slovin

 Emma Barnard

Emma O'Hagan

Leah Beran
Samantha Sobczak 
Alex Marchert (Black)
Cassidy Stolarek (Blue) Hannah Nicks (White)
Juliet Stearns (Black)
Nicole Humenik (Blue) Faith Martello (White)
2011  Natalie Gandy
Alyssa Krause
2010  Emily Romano (Black)
Savanna Hoffman (Blue) Natalie Gandy (White)
2009 Anna Bradley (Black)

Lia Wiltgen

2008 Stacey David (Black)    
2007   Jillian Hickey
2006 Zoey Mucha