The Frankfort Youth Athletic Association was established in 2004 with the following objective: "To promote and install self-confidence, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, physical and mental development while learning the techniques of football and cheerlea

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Frankfort Youth Athletic Association Scholarship Program

We are pleased to present the Frankfort Youth Athletic Association “Frankfort Falcons” scholarship award.
Frankfort Falcons was established in 2004 with the following objective: To promote and install self-confidence, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, physical and mental development while learning the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.  

We are proud to announce that this year the Frankfort Falcons will be awarding six $500 scholarships to qualified seniors at local area high schools that are past alumni of the Frankfort Falcon football and cheer program.  
Our Annual Frankfort Falcons Scholarship is open to our past Football and Cheerleaders that are:
1. Current Senior at Lincoln Way East or Lincoln Way North or Providence Catholic High Schools
2. Current Athlete in High School and
3. Will be attending college the following year.  
Falcons Scholarship Award Winners represent everything that our organization tries to instill in them while they were Frankfort Falcons.

“Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon”

2022 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are:
Dominic Adamo - Lincoln-Way East HS
Emily Caruso - Lincoln-Way East HS
Jenna Casey - Lincoln-Way East HS
Shea Maney - Lincoln-Way East HS
Abby McCarey - Lincoln-Way East HS
Meaghan O'Connor - Lincoln-Way East HS
Megan Phillips - Lincoln-Way East HS
Johnny Strzelczyk - Lincoln-Way East HS

2021 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are:
Robert Clark - Lincoln-Way East HS
Mia Conway  - Lincoln-Way East HS
Nicholas Heerde  - Lincoln-Way East HS
Anthony Ostrowski 
- Lincoln-Way East HS
Bridget Polomsky  - Lincoln-Way East HS Dakota Straight - Providence HS  

2020 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are:
Sarah Campbell - Lincoln-Way East HS
Jay Casey - Lincoln-Way East HS
Riley Feehery - Lincoln-Way East HS
Caitlin Nelligan - Lincoln-Way East HS

Nathan Page - Lincoln-Way East HS
Gianna Vita - Lincoln-Way East HS

2019 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are:


2018 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are:
John Christensen - Lincoln-Way East HS
Calvin Covaciu - Lincoln-Way East HS
Brennan Flaherty - Lincoln-Way East HS
Amber Lemmons - Lincoln-Way East HS
Gina Simoni - Lincoln-Way East HS
Cassidy Stolarek - Lincoln-Way East HS

2017 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
Edward Dell - Lincoln-Way East HS
Peter Ostrowski - Lincoln-Way East HS
Hannah Golaszewski - Lincoln-Way East HS
Taylor Johnson - Lincoln-Way East HS
Max Shafer - Lincoln-Way East HS
Taylor Wojcik - Lincoln-Way East HS

2016 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
Brandon Bauer - Lincoln-Way East HS
Patrick Carr - Lincoln-Way East HS
Janine Chiszar - Lincoln-Way East HS
Emma Collins - Lincoln-Way East HS
Daniel Cooper - Lincoln-Way East HS
Michael Lemmons - Lincoln-Way East HS

2015 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
Gabriella Adamo - Lincoln-Way East HS
Daniel Brown - Lincoln-Way North HS
Cole Goar - Lincoln-Way East HS
Kyle Keuch - Lincoln-Way East HS
Alex Kraft - Lincoln-Way East HS
Nathan Rogers - Lincoln-Way East HS

2014 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
Brian Casey - Football - Lincoln-Way East HS
Jessica Demma - Cheer - Lincoln-Way North HS
Anna Hogan - Cheer - Lincoln-Way East HS
Morgan Parkinson - Cheer - Lincoln-Way North HS
Lia Wiltgen - Cheer - Lincoln-Way East HS
Trevor Zeibert - Football / Peotone HS

2013 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
Mitchell Arvidson - Football - Lincoln Way East
Christopher August - Football - Lincoln Way East
Lauren Chiszar - Cheer - Lincoln Way East 
Nicholas Colangelo - Football - Lincoln Way East
Gianna Gandy - Cheer - Lincoln Way East
Aubrey Toosley - Cheer - Lincoln Way East

2012 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
Joseph R. Allegretti - Football  / Lincoln Way East
Joshua A. Bottoms - Football  / Lincoln Way East
Jillian G. Hickey - Cheer  / Lincoln Way East
Ryan T. MacCracken - Football  / Lincoln Way East
Gregory P. Ruzich, Jr. - Football  / Lincoln Way North
Blake G. Winkler - Football  / Lincoln Way East

2011 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
Ellen Hogan - Cheer - Lincoln Way East
Amanda Kennedy - Cheer - Lincoln Way East
Carla Kraft - Cheer - Lincoln Way East
Britta McArthur - Cheer - Lincoln Way East
Jackson McLaughlin - Football / Providence Catholic
Zachary Plantz - Football - Providence Catholic

2010 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are:
Amber Horton - Cheer / Lincoln-Way East
Timothy Kelly - Football / Providence
Timothy Hanrahan - Football / Providence
Billy Harper - Football / Providence

2009 FYAA Scholarship Award recipients are: 
James R. Cullen  - Football / Lincoln Way East
Ryan T. Hammond  - Football / Lincoln Way East
Kyle B. MacCracken  - Football / Lincoln Way East
Christopher M. Narel  - Football / Lincoln Way East
Mark S. Schneider  - Football / Lincoln Way East